What exactly is CPNI? The protection of sensitive personal information that carriers collect about their customers’ calling information during the course of their business relationship.

  • A telecom carrier obtains this information by providing voice service to subscribers.
  • Consumers’ bill details contain a lot of this information.

Who does this impact? Voice providers, including VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) providers.

How do I stay in compliance?

  • Establish the required internal processes and procedures.
  • Provide annual employee training about CPNI and file annual certification.


What happens if my company is not in compliance? There’s the potential cost of inaction.

Money forfeitures of up to $207K for each violation or each day of a continuing violation.

In one of the largest instances, the FCC fined AT&T $25 Million for a privacy breach.




Is there an “easy button” I can press so my company can stay in compliance every year? The good news is that Leverage can take these tasks on for you.

  • We’ll develop a specific process for your company to safeguard customer information appropriately.
  • As well as conduct the required annual employee training and assist your company in submitting the annual certification by March 1st every year.

Next steps: Contact us!

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  • Regulatory Review: Ask about qualifying for a free regulatory review. Your free review will give you an overall idea of your regulatory compliance and guide you to take action on flagged items.