As independent providers ranging in size from top 15 NCTC member companies to single headend cable systems with 1000 subscribers, our clients are on the frontlines of closing the digital divide and bringing telecom services to every community in the country – and we’re proud to be standing by their side.

We treat our clients like partners because that’s how we view them. It’s reflected in our process from the moment we meet. That’s why so many have stuck with us since the beginning. Since our founding in 2011, we have helped:

  • Telecom companies in need of product and industry expertise, but without the resources to hire additional in-house staff
  • Companies in need of immediate extra support during a busy time, such as a sale, acquisition, or retransmission consent renewal
  • Telecom providers looking for actionable data insights and analysis on their current and potential subscriber bases
  • Legacy providers who need help strategically updating or realigning their product and packaging offerings, establishing reselling partnerships, or identifying new revenue streams
  • Independent providers who need expert guidance on negotiating contracts with broadcast stations and cable networks
  • Electric co-ops, municipalities, and other organizations looking to make a new entrance into the telecom space
  • Providers of all types who are looking to build subscribers and reduce costs through strategies like product repackaging, contract negotiation, and OTT partnerships

From MVPDs and legacy providers to co-ops and independent operators, we’ve helped companies and organizations across the telecom spectrum improve strategies, reduce costs, and drive new revenue. Most of all, we’ve built awesome relationships along the way. We’re proud to say feedback from our clients has included everything from calling us their own personal in-house fan club to accusing us of charging too little for the level of service we deliver.

If any of these sound like your business, we’d love to meet you! Contact us to request a free introductory call and discuss how we can help. Learn more about how we’ve helped our clients succeed by browsing our success stories below:


Ritter Communications Success Story

We’ve partnered with Ritter Communications since 2012. Through consultative services, we’ve helped their residential video business flourish and produce overwhelmingly positive bottom-line results. Read the full story here.

Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation (CECC) Success Story

After 81 years providing safe, reliable electric power to its members, the CECC saw an opportunity to expand its service and bring a new high-speed broadband service to its customers.

Inter Mountain Success Story

When Inter Mountain Cable lost a key employee in 2018, our team at LBS stepped in to help with the integration and launch of their new app-based TV product. Learn more about how our approach to strategic partnership allowed for IMC to focus on increasing sales while we took care of the details here.

Feedback from our clients:

“Leverage has its own fan club inside the company at all levels and departments.”
– Robert Haulbrook, Former CEO, GTA Teleguam
“The folks at Leverage have a wealth of experience of understanding the nuances of programming contracts, especially NCTC Agreements. They are able to help members navigate the complicated terms of programming agreements as well.”
– Frank Hughes, NCTC
“The complexity and intensity of video content negotiation has become a battlefield of sorts in recent years. There is a great amount at stake on both sides of the table. And ‘leverage’ is the perfect word to describe the environment. In getting to know and work with Cheryl, I’m confident that all medium to small cable companies and video providers should work with her. She knows how to negotiate contracts and ensure that her customers are getting the best deals possible. I’m not sure why a smaller company or emerging company without fully dedicated resources wouldn’t want to have that assurance. Her company, Leverage, is uniquely positioned in their segment.”
– Dave Beasley, Telecommunications Consultant
“The longer we have our relationship with Leverage, the more valuable the relationship has proven to become. We are now at year 8+ of our time working with Leverage and they are unquestionably one of our most valuable strategic partnerships.”
– Jane Marie Woodruff, Director of Marketing, Ritter Communications
“The Leverage Broadband Strategies team is conscientious, proactive, and knowledgeable. They are our strategic partners and consultants—and by outsourcing specific functions to them, our team has time to focus on mission-critical objectives.”
– James Campbell, CFO of Inter Mountain Cable and Gearheart Broadband

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