The broadband and telecommunications industry is continuously changing, so your business model must also adapt – more of the same will not get the job done, nor will it keep your customers happy. The experts at Leverage Broadband Strategies understand what it takes to improve your day-to-day operations as well as the services you offer. As you plan for 2022 and beyond, consider these strategies for going from a good broadband provider to a great broadband provider.

Customer Experience.

Great broadband providers know that delivering an amazing customer experience is the necessary foundation for success. To create a top-notch customer experience and customer journey, ask yourself these questions: What is the fundamental mission of our organization? How do we want customers to experience our company? Are we gathering data to learn what certain customer segments want from their broadband provider?

Good broadband providers only address the basics, like keeping call center wait times low. But great broadband providers seek to understand what the customer needs in their personalized broadband experience. By understanding what translates into great service for each customer and then meeting those expectations, broadband providers create deep customer loyalty and satisfaction.


In many instances, electric co-ops and small broadband providers are overpaying to purchase wholesale internet and circuit services from other providers, but this doesn’t have to be the case – alternative options are usually available, or prices can be negotiated to increase your overall profits. Access to wholesale services can be an advantage for companies based in rural areas because it often allows for expanded options and lower prices in traditionally underserved areas. We have developed strong relationships with nearly every wholesale provider, over many years of working in this segment of the telecom industry, and can connect you to the many advantages that brings. If you’re interested in saving money on wholesale connectivity or circuits, please reach out to discuss our Leverage Carrier Relations services.


Understanding where you are and what your goals are will help make your organization more efficient. Lay out steps and deliverables that you can accomplish to make the process easier. And remember, just because your business is growing does not mean that your environment needs to change – if your team is thriving with a certain culture, you should lean into it to maintain productivity. Conversely, when you are unsure of how to progress as a business, it could be time to bring in a consultant to evaluate your practices – a fresh perspective can help get things moving when you may not have the capacity to do so yourself.


A great company distinguishes itself from a good one by understanding that its employees are more important than its customers. You can establish the structure and strategy for your company – but it is your employees that will create customer relationships and nurture your customer experience. For them to do that well, they have to care! At Leverage, we believe that consistent, meaningful conversations with employees is an important component of our value creation. We create content around all aspects of the employees’ interaction with customers and each other. By explaining why they’re working so hard and arming them with tools to be successful, we seek to create collaborators rather than employees.

Whether your business plans to focus on changing service offerings, improving productivity, increasing profits, or investing in people in the new year, Leverage Broadband Strategies is here to partner with you. Let’s start a conversation today.