What voice providers must know about CPNI

2023-12-15T11:38:01-06:00By |

What exactly is CPNI? The protection of sensitive personal information that carriers collect about their customers' calling information during the course of their business relationship. A telecom carrier obtains this information by providing voice service to subscribers. Consumers' bill details contain a lot of this information. Who does this impact? Voice [...]

Leverage offers CPNI training for clients

2023-02-06T14:18:31-06:00By |

CPNI stands for Customer Proprietary Network Information, and it relates to any company that provides voice services. Each year, telecommunications companies need to certify that their staff members have completed CPNI training by March 1. If you’re a voice services provider, you might ask “How can we ensure our employees are [...]

5 Ways to Prepare for Broadband Expansion

2022-04-19T14:51:04-05:00By |

The internet has become a utility as vital to daily life as water and electricity; yet, over 14 million people in the United States lack access to reliable broadband service. As RDOF awards and infrastructure planning shine a spotlight on high-speed internet expansion in the United States, electric co-operatives and broadband [...]

Go From Good to Great in 2022

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The broadband and telecommunications industry is continuously changing, so your business model must also adapt – more of the same will not get the job done, nor will it keep your customers happy. The experts at Leverage Broadband Strategies understand what it takes to improve your day-to-day operations as well as [...]

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